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Welcome to Panda Power

Panda Power is Ireland’s low-cost green electricity provider.  Launched in 2015, Panda Power sells green electricity which is generated from renewable resources such as solar, wind and wave energy.

Panda Power’s parent company, Panda, is Ireland’s largest recycling company with over 150,000 households using our utility service.

Panda has taken this passion to provide a reliable utility service and applied it to the electricity market. The result is, Panda Power, a new electricity company offering great value electricity and a seamless customer experience.

Three great reasons to switch to Panda Power:


1. You’ll save up to €185 on your electricity bills

This is the estimated saving you’ll make on your electricity bills by switching to Panda Power. Your estimated saving is based on the average electricity consumption for an Irish household (5,300 kWh per annum) with another supplier on 9th Nov 2015.


2. You’ll do your bit for the environment

We are proud to say that all of our electricity comes from renewable resources and is 100% green.
To learn more about renewable energy click here.


3. You’re in safe hands with Panda Power

Panda are a utility company with over 150,000 recycling customers. Our sophisticated operating systems and customer care services for electricity can cater for your every need