Terms & Conditions

Electricity, Gas & Waste 28% Discount Bundle

1 Year Dual Fuel

Tariff discounts against Panda Power standard gas and electricity unit rates. All domestic gas and electricity prices quoted from 16th of August 2021. Figures have been rounded to two decimal places. Standing charges also apply. 13.5% VAT rate applies. The Carbon Tax has been set at €0.0069 (incl. VAT) / €0.00606 (ex. VAT) per kWh. This tax applies to all domestic natural gas customers, irrespective of supplier. The Public Service Obligation (PSO) levy for electricity has been set as €7.40 (incl. VAT) / €6.52 (ex. VAT) per month from the 1 October 2020. This applies to all domestic electricity customers, irrespective of supplier. Offer is subject to a 12 month contract. This offer is available from 12 August 2019. For eligibility, terms and conditions please visit www.pandapower.ie

Estimated Annual Bill:

This is based on CRU approved annual consumption figures which may not be reflective of your actual usage. For more information on how the Estimated Annual Bill is calculated click here.

Supporting Documents:

  • General Terms and Conditions - download here 
  • Triple Bundle Terms and Conditions - download here
  • Tariff Information - download  here
  • Eligibility Criteria - download here 
  • Estimated Annual Bill - download here
  • 28% Discount Terms and Conditions - download here